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Consolers of The United Hearts of Jesus and Mary Lay Apostolate, Inc.


The Consolers is about living out one's consecration to Jesus and Mary in one's daily life and prayer, living it out to the best of one's ability as a Practicing Catholic. The laity will carry out their mission for the whole Christian people with respect to the church and the whole world by adhering to the following guidelines.



 Participation in Daily Mass.


 Adoration of the Most Holy and Blessed Sacrament, one hour weekly.


 Fasting of one meal on Friday.


 Praying five mysteries of Our Lady's Holy Rosary ( Daily ).


 The Divine Office ( Morning and Evening ).


 Daily Scripture Reading.


 Sacrament of Reconciliation, ( Monthly ).


In an effort to unite consolers everywhere in prayer, guidelines have been established for prayer gatherings. These gatherings are also an important means for the Consolers who have been consecrated by proxy and are not able to have a monthly Consecration Mass in their area to further obtain strength and unity in group prayer.

Distinctive crosses were chosen to be the emblem for the Consolers. The Consoler Crosses depict the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front and the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the back in either (silver, gold plated or bronze) silver or gold filled chains are also available.

Additionally, this lay apostolate, with respect to the guidelines, and giving witness to Christ in the world, testimony through faith, hope and love, and fulfillment of this mission through service, will help to fulfill the mandate of Christ, to bring the world to him.


Alternative Guidelines

#1. Those who are unable to follow all original guidelines, are still welcome and needed to be part of the Consolers of Jesus and Mary Lay Apostolate. May the Lord guide you to follow as many of the original guidelines as possible for personal growth and holiness.


#2. Those who are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses or permanent disabilities, are also needed to be a part of this Apostolate by offering your daily sufferings and trials to console the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with strength and unity for us as we go forward together to save souls.


#3. Those who have family commitments and are not able to participate in a structured and devoted prayer life, are also welcome and needed by offering their daily duties as an act of love in reparation and atonement to console the Two Hearts, as well as growing in personal holiness.


                                      (Monthly confession is recommended for all guidelines!)


This Lay Apostolate with the means of these guidelines, will give witness to Christ in the world with our testimony through faith, hope and love. By doing so, we fulfill our mission through service, helping to obey the mandate of Christ which is to bring the whole world to Him.




Dear Jesus and Mary I love you


I wish to renew my consecration to Your United Hearts . I offer my day in reparation and atonement to console Your Hearts for the many insults and injuries that will afflict You today, because of the offensive acts and thoughtless neglect of uncaring souls throughout the world.

I desire to console You through fervent prayer, sacrifices and good works through my commitment as a Lay Consoler and in union with each loved member of our Lay Apostolate. With Your help and through my consecration, may I fulfill my sincere desire to draw souls to You.

I pray my Guardian Angel will carry my oblation to You in Heaven, and place it before Your throne of Grace. May it be a gift of love that will console Your Hearts today and forever! Amen.


Additional information about the Consolers of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary Lay Apostolate is available by e-mail to, 

Theresa Maynard, our Founder




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