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Consolers of The United Hearts of Jesus and Mary Lay Apostolate, Inc.




In 1990 therese maynard began praying the Rosary weekly in her yard with her group, she wanted to continue with the Rosary and wanted to build a special room of prayer in her home, she received unexpected funds and knew she was to build the prayer room, in 1992 she began a Cenacle of prayer and accepted prayer requests.

In the fall of 1992, due to increasing numbers of prayer requests, therese formed the United Hearts Prayer Line. This prayer line which began with 15 people, has now grown into a ministry of prayer with over 20,000 intercessors worldwide, including Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, when she was alive, as well as many priests, religious, and laity. therese has received many testimonies for prayers answered and healings.

In time, therese was given a statue of Our Lady of Grace by a retreat house. A gentleman who was working on therese's house at the time by the name of Kozmo Tyavra, (a non practicing Christian), felt inspired to donate his time to build Our Lady a grotto in thereses yard, which was named Our Lady of Grace Grotto, on August 15, 1993 therese held a Crowing of Mary, along with a blessing and consecration to Mary of the grotto, house and land by Fr. Steven Marcoux and Fr. James O'Connor. Our Lady was crowned by a woman named Ann DiIulio who was confined to a wheelchair and had to be helped by her husband. Shortly thereafter therese received word from her personal nurse, Madeline St. Pierre, that she was able to get out of her wheel chair and walk. The following year Madeline St. Pierre returned for the annual Crowning and testified to the fact that Ann was able to walk after the Crowning of Mary at therese's grotto.

As more time passed therese felt an urgent need to do something more for Jesus and Mary. Through much prayer and discernment, therese was guided by the Holy Spirit to start an Apostolate of prayer to console, make reparation and atonement to the United Hearts and for the salvation of souls. She then approached her long time friend Annette Handy to be the Co-Foundress of this Apostolate and Annette graciously accepted.

On May 15, 1995, therese met with Fr. John Grace, the then director of the Diocese of Manchester NH's Spiritual Renewal Services, to obtain approval for the Apostolate.

Special crosses were chosen to be the emblem for the Consolers and the first of these arrived on May 31, the Feast of the Visitation. The silver cross depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front and the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the back. Many Consolers wear these crosses as they are recommended, but not required.

On July 27, 1995 Therese received a letter from the late Bishop Leo O'Neil confirming approval of the Consolers of Jesus and Mary Lay Apostolate for one year with annual renewal. On the Feast of the Assumption, August 15, 1995, the first Consecration Mass was held with 76 people becoming Consolers. Fr. Michael Sevigny of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Manchester N.H. became the Consolers first spiritual director. The Masses were then held monthly, as word of this new Apostolate spread, and numerous people came forward wanting to be consecrated to console the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Also during this month, therese received a letter from Mother Theresa of Calcutta who agreed to be the Spiritual Mother for the Consolers.

One year later, In 1996 because of the fruits of the Apostolate and growth of members, Bishop O'Neil granted permanent status. As of October 2004 there are now over 20,000 Consolers worldwide. With the help of bishops, priests and the laity, the Apostolate has spread into many countries including Canada, Ireland, Australia, Ukraine, Philippines, Japan as well as spreading like wildfire in Africa with many branches formed. As an example of the seriousness with which Religious are taking this Apostolate, in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, (the birthplace of Therese,) in 1996, the then Bishop James Wingle officiated at their first Consecration Mass to show his approval and belief in the necessity of unity and prayer.

The growth of the Consolers has gained the attention of Pope John Paul II who has given his official "Apostolic Blessing" to the Consolers on June 16, 2000, and again in early 2002 for the service to the Church that the Consolers render.


In 1991 when Theresa's room of prayer was built, a stained glass window was designed on the entrance door. The design was inspired by a woman named Lila Radcliff who said it had to be of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, instead of Therese's choice of the Good Shepherd. When the Consolers began it was discerned that the same design should be used for the logo, and upon reflection Therese realized then why the Two Hearts were inspired for the chapel door. The design represents the united suffering of Mary's Heart with that of Her Son Jesus, both being pierced by sinners in the world. The white lily represents St. Joseph, who like on earth protected Jesus and Mary, we have chosen Him to protect this Apostolate and is now interceding for us in Heaven to protect and spread this Apostolate as our patron saint.


Currently the monthly Consecration Mass is held the second Tuesday of every month at the Precious Blood Monastery in Manchester, NH with the Rosary at 6:30PM and Mass at 7:00PM.

In order to become a Consoler, one must be in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church and choose a guideline to follow what is suitable for oneself. Then contact either Therese Maynard or Annette Handy to make arrangements for your consecration. Consecration may be done in person at any one of our branches, or by proxy in Manchester, NH if there is no local branch available to you.

The Consolers is about living out one's daily life for Jesus and Mary through prayer and sacrifices to the best of one's ability, and NEVER under the pain of sin, but out of LOVE and COMPASSION for Jesus and Mary.

bulletThese words directly from Therese sum it up: "I believe the Consolers is a divinely inspired ministry due to its' huge growth throughout the world. Together we can make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, especially during these crucial times in our world history. Each person consoling does make a difference.

                                                               CONSOLERS PRAYER CENACLE

In an effort to further unite Consolers everywhere in prayer, Cenacles are also an important way for those Consolers who have been consecrated by proxy and are not able to have a monthly Consecration Mass in their area to further obtain strength and unity in group prayer. These cenacles may be held weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly by Consolers in someone's home or in a Roman Catholic Church. For further information on how to start a cenacle please contact Therese.

For Consolers in the southern NH area, Therese holds a cenacle of prayer every Thursday at 2:00 PM in her home chapel. The format consists of the Rosary, hymns, petitions, Chaplet of Mercy, quiet time, and the Consolers Consecration Prayer. Please contact Therese for directions to her home.


Each year on the anniversary of the approval of the Consolers Lay Apostolate, we hold a one day retreat at a designated place. This is a wonderful day to further unite in prayer and sharing, as well as meeting fellow Consolers. We suggest that all branches consider getting together at least once a year.


On November 17, 2001, a Perpetual Prayer Crusade also started from strong inspiration to Therese by the Holy Spirit. It is for those who wish to commit to a half hour of prayer each day at the same time or a floating half hour for the following intentions: to defeat the work of satan, to pray for the eradication of all evils as God sees evil, for the coming Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This prayer crusade currently has over 800 +intercessors in America and 18.000+ in Africa, covering the 24 hours of each day with prayers ascending perpetually to the Throne of GOD. This crusade is not part of the Consolers guidelines, but is very important for those able or wishing to commit. We are always looking for more people to pray for a daily half hour). Structured prayers are sent to you along with a certificate as confirmation of your commitment, however one may choose their own prayers (the Rosary is recommended as part of the half hour).


If you would like to commit to pray daily for the intentions placed on the Prayer Line, or join the Perpetual Prayer Crusade, please call (603)-622-2094 and leave your name, address, and telephone number, along with any prayer requests you may have. You will receive confirmation of your commitment in the mail. For all consolers, praying for the United Hearts Prayer Line is part of our commitment. For those who have access to the internet, please check our website at: or e-mail Theresa Maynard



Or contact:

Therese Maynard, Foundress

PO Box #4001

Manchester, NH 03108 USA

Phone/Fax # (603)-622-2094


Annette Handy, Co-Foundress

PO Box #4001

Manchester, NH 03108 USA

Phone # (603)-232-3918

"May all Consolers try to spend some quiet time with the Lord each day to make reparation and atonement for all blasphemies, sacrileges, insults, injuries and indifferences that He and our Blessed Mother are subjected to, and to just love and thank HIM for all the graces and blessings received.




Therese Maynard, Foundress


Annette Handy, Co-Foundress




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The Consolers of the United Hearts is a Roman Catholic Lay Apostolate based in Manchester NH,  USA


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