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'Prayer Before The Pieta'

Weeping Mother!  All thy anguish Deeper than the deepest sea,

All thy tears and soulful languish Crushed thy heart because of me!


I with sin untold have driven This cruel sword into thy heart,

but though time on time forgiven I neglected Magdalene's part.


Now repentant, list my pleading - I who drove that sharp sword there,

I who caused thy grief exceeding - Mother!  Hearken to my prayer:


When the sword of sorrow spends me (and life's bitterness I feel)

Help me clasp it though it rends me To my heart with bands of steel.


Mother! Though my heart be riven, Help me suffer silently. 

Tears alone will open Heaven For a sinner such as me!






A  plenary  indulgence  is granted to the faithful,  who make the pious exercise 

of the Way of the Cross.

Those who are "impeded"  can gain the same  indulgence, if they spend

at least one half an hour in pious reading and meditation on the

  Passion  and  Death  of  our  Lord  Jesus Christ.


Enchiridion  Indulgentiarum - No. 63






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